Products and Services

Check Cashing
Teller Checks uses a proven system for verifying and assessing risk on checks, which allows cashing of most checks.

Short Term Loans
The short term loans are a regulated loan product, which differ from state to state. Customers can borrow between $100 and $500 (varies by state) with an average term of 14 days.

Bill Payments
Teller Checks offers timely posting of bills for hundreds of companies including electric, gas, telephone and wireless bills.

Money Transfer
Teller Checks enables customers to transfer funds electronically to thousands of locations around the globe.

Membership Cards
This service gives the customer access to daily and monthly specials. It also speeds transaction times and builds customer loyalty.

Prepaid Debit Cards
Load funds on a prepaid card and use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Customers can have any portion of their paycheck loaded to the card.

Prepaid Phone
Customers can purchase prepaid long distance calling cards or use our prepaid home dial tone service.

Prepaid Wireless
Customers can purchase airtime for their cell phone. We offer pins for several wireless companies including T Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

Money Orders
Teller Checks offers money orders at all locations, which allows customers to purchase them in any domination up to $500 (varies by state).

Tax Return Preparation
A synergistic service for our customers that allows faster cash from tax refunds. This service is for individuals with an immediate need for their tax refund.

Direct Deposit / Payroll
This convenient and time saving service allows customers to have their paycheck and other benefit checks deposited directly as described below. There are three ways to take advantage of this service.

Prepaid MasterCard with Direct Deposit
Customers can have their checks deposited directly on the card. No more check fees or chances of losing your money.

Teller Checks Direct Check Service
This service is for customers that prefer their benefit checks in a faster, more secure and convenient way than receiving through the mail.

Teller Checks Payroll Card
This service helps both employees and employers. For the employer, it decreases payroll distribution costs, simplifies payment to employees and eliminates lost time due to cashing checks. For employees, it eliminates the risk of carrying cash, gives immediate access to their money on payday and the flexibility of MasterCard purchasing power.

Savings Account Program (Currently in development)
Allows our customer to begin a savings plan as part of their regular visits to our locations.

Mortgage Program (Currently in development)
Provides our customers with a user-friendly way to explore the viability of home ownership based on their financial ability.

Legal Document Assistance (Currently in development)
This is an economically attractive method for anyone who has a need to handle a legal action that does not require the advice of an attorney i.e; wills, bankruptcy, divorce, living trust, name change and much more.